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Madrid has a lot to offer at night, from bars to clubs, it has it all!

Those in search of a cave bar with an edgy attitude should check out Ocho y Medio, one of the more alternative, Goth and hipster-friendly bars in Madrid. Patrons will find the club after walking down a flight of stairs into the basement, where they can get belligerent on the dance floor or watch others do the same from the safety of one of the many wooden benches scattered throughout the venue. If club-goers need to take a breather, there is a small anteroom complete with couches upstairs.

History in Madrid is everywhere, take a look!

During the following centuries the city developed reaching its current aspect. The Main Square (Plaza Mayor) was built under the auspice of John II on the 13th century. Later on, Enrique III ordered the building of El Pardo Palace as a place of residence for royal visits, the city kept on growing in size, and finally in 1561 the Spanish Court was transferred from its location in Toledo to Madrid. The seat of the Spanish Court moved again to Valladolid in 1601, but it returned definitively to Madrid 5 years later.

Theatres in Madrid, lots of acts to see!

The Lion King is a journey to the African savannah, an explosion of sound and colour. Born out of the talent of such popular artists as Elton John, Tim Rice, Lebo M. and Hans Zimmer, and director Julie Taymor, the musical adaptation of the Disney movie merges a vast array of performing art disciplines from African, Western and Eastern origins. The Lion King’s success has led to adaptations all over the world, one of them staged in Madrid at Teatro Lope de Vega since October 2011.

Eating out in Madrid is quite the treat!

San Miguel Market is a temple of quality products. Further to offering products to satisfy the day-to-day needs of the locals’ shopping bags, this space is also designed for visitors and tourists wishing to sample the merchandise available at its stores. The market offers fresh products of the finest quality, including meat, fish and fruit, some of which are difficult to find elsewhere. There are also bars where you can enjoy an aperitif.

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